Wednesday, September 8, 2010


no not daughter. Our little bundle of joy has taken to waking in the middle of the night for about an hour at a time.  Not crying, just awake.  She practices her clapping, talks to herself and I can hear her saying "book" over and over which is one of her newest words.  We took the nightlight out of her room in hopes that if she couldn't see things to talk to, then maybe she wouldn't.  It seemed to work pretty well, until the other night.
Rylie went to bed as usual at 7:45, but then all of a sudden at 9:00, as Ryan an I are peacefully enjoying our evening, we hear a knocking on Rylie's wall along with laughing. We let it go for a little bit, but when she really got carried away I went to check and this is what I found:

Thats right, our little stinker was playing so hard and she even took her pants off! Needless to say she was wide awake and not going to bed anytime soon.  We let her just hang in her bed awake with the lights off, but around 11:30 we decided to try and rock her back to sleep.  We did 20 minute shifts and she finally fell asleep at 12:45, almost four hours later!!!!!! I really hope that this doesn't become a habit.  Last night she slept completely through so we will see what tonight brings....

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